The Mayor’s Mission–Cover Reveal

I’ve revealed the cover for my next indie pubbed release on Facebook and Twitter, but I’ve not made an official release here. The Mayor’s Mission, Book 2 of the “Home to Milford College” series will be published in November 2014. I’ve spoken about some of the circumstances of the plot and the people who appear in The Mayor’s Mission, but here is the story for those who have not yet finished The Preacher’s Promise.

Here’s the blurb:

Milford, GA 1868: Milford College is in trouble.

Mayor Virgil SBook 2 of the Home to Milford College seriesmithson has been away to the constitutional convention in the newly established state capitol in Atlanta for almost five months.  He’s late in getting back home.  Worried about her husband, Amanda Smithson manages the crowded and growing school by herself.   She’s hired an old school chum from Oberlin to help her teach the older students.  However, he’s a tad too affectionate with Amanda for Virgil’s liking.

And more problems: The Milford daughters-in-law arrive in town, determined to wrest what they see as their rightful inheritance from the Smithsons.

Just when it all seems impossible to resolve, the Smithsons must endure another crisis that threatens to tear them, and the dream of their school—-apart.

When life becomes difficult, it will take all of God’s love and mercy for the Smithsons to come together and fight. It will be the mission of the mayor and his wife to do what it takes to nurture the new and coltish educational tradition that they began together.  And to keep their love alive.

Thank you to everyone for their support and I hope people feel compelled to continue to follow the adventures of the founders to make sure Milford College gets going!



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