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Cover Reveal and how my first bad review convinces me I’m on the right track

Well, the event that I’ve long dreaded has happened.  What a surprise–I’m still standing.  I got a negative review. A co-competitor left a negative review on my Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Entry, The Preacher’s Promise.  It is inevitable that all of the competitors want to review  the competition.  However, after thinking about it some more, my main sins were using long words and not revealing Amanda’s blackness early enough.  Well, it’s too bad that the contest doesn’t let us have covers on our excerpts because if covers were allowed, the first thing my fellow Romance contestant would see is this:


Clearly, I’m not hiding anything about Amanda or her race. She is a very educated woman for her time, so she would use long words.  After a bit of a mini pout on twitter, Kwana Jackson pointed out to me  (Twitter is so good for people reaching out to one another): “I’m sorry to hear you’re getting haters but that must mean you’re doing something right ;-)”. When I expressed my gratitude for a new viewpoint, she told me her minister told her that.  I’m taking that as a sign. 

The excerpt for The Preacher’s Promise was posted on Good Friday.  The link to my entry is below or you can click on the cover.  The excerpt will be up during the remainder of the contest. To see it, you need an account and a Kindle or Kindle app (even Kindle for PC will do.)  Search by my name (Piper Huguley) or the name of the story–and you have to include the apostrophe:  The Preacher’s Promise. You can then download the except  and and assess for yourself  if the race of the characters isn’t readily apparent to you as you read it. Then, if you feel as if you can and if you have time, please leave a 4 or 5 star review.  High numbers will help defeat the bad review–that’s how Amazon works things out.

So, thank you so very much, my fellow Romance contestant.  I am now prepared.  Your gift of the opportunity to learn how to handle my first negative review has readied me for the others that are sure to follow.   If you had not felt so free to express your discontent over The Preacher’s PromiseI would still be unaware of the high stakes involved here. I know now and I understand.  May God continue to bless you.


The link to the excerpt of  The Preacher’s Promise, to be published in August:

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