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I’m being interviewed on Rachel Muller’s blog today.  Come over and comment!


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About piperhuguley

Piper Huguley is an author of the Reconstruction era "Home to Milford College" series which will be published in Summer 2014. pursuing publication for her inspirational historical romance fiction. She is a 2013 & 2014 Golden Heart finalist for two novels in the "Migrations of the Heart" series about the Bledsoe sisters and set in the early twentieth century.

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  1. Hi Piper — I stumbled across your comment on Dear Author and have been looking around your blog — I am so excited to read your book! I went to college in da ‘Burgh so love it when there’s a novel in a familiar setting (though I’m sure Pittsburgh in the 30s is nothing like it was in the 00s). Lots of luck on your adventures in publishing, I hope someone nabs your book soon so I can give it a read. :-)


    • Hi Melissa,

      Thank you for your good wishes! I appreciate that you’ve looked around at the blog. I think that you are right, things have changed in Pittsburgh over that time period, but I’m like you, I like to read about familiar places. I also thing there are a lot of stories from ‘Da Burgh that we don’t hear about! I’m so glad you stopped by–come back and visit often!

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